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Product Details

Service Sub Category :Photo Editing
Languages offered:English, Arabic
Supplied By:abde786

What you willl deliver with this serivce?

Thanks to the remarkable and fantastic Photoshop, I have had 4 intensive years’ experience in the area of retouching, that assures you not only to complete your task” Photo’s retouching& editing” so successfully, but also exceeding your mind’s expectations. I’m a Photoshoper detailed-oriented, that means I always start and end retouching process systematically. The Client’ real satisfaction is my ultimate goal.

I will do all of the following if needed,
1- Hair
Removing stray hairs
Filling gaps
Extending hair
Reshaping hair
Changing hair's color
2- Eyes
Removing veins
Whiten eyes
Lighten eyesz
Sparkle eyes
Resizing and position eyes
Sharpen eyes
Adding catching lights
3- Lips
Changing lips color
Adding a gloss
Reshaping and positioning lips
Adding a smile to face
Whiten teeth
Fixing missing teeth
Fixing crooked teeth
Straighten teeth

3- Skin
Skin color matching
Fixing uneven skin’s tone
4- Others
Color matching for composition
Color correction

Important note: This offer for retouching 20 photos, but if you have less or more photos than my current offer, we could make a new deal.

-------------Why you should hire me???????
* I will work until you get 100% satisfaction 
* I will not miss any deadline 
* I provide Reliable, fast and professional service at an affordable cost 

Details Basic Standard Premium
Details of the package 10 photos 20 photos 30 photos
File format Any file format Any file format Any file format
(Maximum 3 revisions* per service)
2 3 3
(in days)
3 5 7
Price($)US$ 15 30 45